Silent flight in Kitsap County






Flying Site

E-Flaps has a flying site in Gig Harbor. There are general rules which apply to this site. These rules are listed below.

Basic Field Rules

1.  Electric parkflyers, electric helicopters and sailplanes only.
FPV allowed ONLY if the pilot has a dedicated spotter AND the aircraft remains within the field boundaries. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2.  E-FLAPS membership required.
A guest with an active AMA membership and accompanied by a present E-FLAPS member is acceptable.
3.  Maximum six (6) aircraft in the air at any one time.
4.  Intentional flying behind an existing flight line is prohibited. Flying in no-fly zones is prohibited.
5.  Avoid flying over groups of people.
6.  Alcohol consumption not allowed at any time.
7.  Announce all launches.
8.  Safety First… Safety Second… Safety third...